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Pietermaritzburg is a historical city located in the KwaZulu Natal Province.  When visiting, tourists will see the remnants of its history in the wonderful architecture along with green and brown tree lined streets.  Some famous landmarks are the City Hall and the brilliant Tatham Art Gallery.

The city is synonymous with the annual Comrades Marathon and Dusi Canoe Marathon.  These two races have been part of Pietermaritzburg’s history for many years drawing crowds from all over the world.  Another popular annual event is the Midmar Mile swim which takes place at the large Midmar Dam just outside of the city.

Maritzburg, as it is fondly called by locals, can be used as a base from which to explore the magical Natal Midlands Meander.  A beautiful road trip amongst rolling hills and open fields, exploring the small towns and villages surrounding the area.  It is also the gateway to the Drakensberg.

Pietermaritzburg is home to a range of accommodation options for those looking for somewhere to stay. Whether you're in the city for business or pleasure, there are plenty of places that have everything from budget-friendly bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels. Whatever your needs, there's an accommodation option in Pietermaritzburg that's sure to suit.

There is no shortage of things to do and see in Pietermaritzburg, some of which are detailed below.  For more information and an up-to-date events list, see our events section of the Directory.

  • Georgetown : A powerful look into the area and its people
  • Queen Elizabeth Park : Wildlife and nature in Hilton
  • Tatham Art Gallery : top of the list for things to see in Pietermaritzburg for art lovers
  • African Bird of Prey Sanctuary
  • Butterflies for Africa
  • Voortrekker Museum
  • KwaZulu-Natal National Botanic Gardens
  • Albert Falls
  • Gandhi Statue
  • Maritzburg Golf Club
  • The Weeping Cross of Delville Wood : in the Garden of Remembrance
  • Midmar Dam : all forms of water sport available and is a great day out for the whole family

Pietermaritzburg is a great destination for foodies, with a wide range of restaurants and places to eat. From traditional South African dishes like braai and potjiekos, to international cuisine like Italian and Indian, there’s something to suit all tastes. For an authentic experience, why not try one of the local restaurants recommended by Pietermaritzburg residents – you won’t be disappointed!

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Top 10 fun things to do with kids in Pietermaritzburg

  • Explore the Botanical Gardens: Spend a day amidst lush greenery and vibrant blooms at the Pietermaritzburg Botanical Gardens. Take leisurely strolls, have a picnic by the lake, and let your kids marvel at the diverse plant life and resident bird species.


  • Visit a Local Farm: Introduce your children to farm life by visiting one of the many farms surrounding Pietermaritzburg. They can interact with animals, learn about sustainable agriculture, and even enjoy tractor rides or fruit picking, depending on the season.


  • Discover Butterflies in the Butterfly House: Step into a magical world of fluttering wings at the Butterfly House. Watch in awe as colorful butterflies dance around you, and teach your kids about the life cycle of these fascinating insects.


  • Take a Heritage Tour: Delve into Pietermaritzburg's rich history by embarking on a heritage tour. Visit historical landmarks, museums, and monuments, and engage in interactive activities that bring the past to life for your little historians.


  • Go on a Nature Hike: Escape the city hustle and bustle with a family-friendly nature hike. Pietermaritzburg boasts several scenic trails suitable for all ages and skill levels, offering opportunities to spot wildlife and immerse yourselves in the region's natural beauty.


  • Have Fun at a Local Park: Spend quality time together at one of Pietermaritzburg's well-maintained parks. Let your kids run, play, and explore playgrounds, sports facilities, and open green spaces, providing endless entertainment for the whole family.


  • Attend a Cultural Festival: Immerse your family in the vibrant culture of KwaZulu-Natal by attending a local festival or cultural event. Experience traditional music, dance, and cuisine, and encourage your kids to participate in hands-on activities and workshops.


  • Picnic at a Scenic Spot: Pack a picnic basket and head to a picturesque spot for a relaxed day out with your little ones. Whether it's beside a tranquil river, overlooking rolling hills, or within a charming garden, enjoy quality family time surrounded by breathtaking scenery.


  • Visit a Wildlife Sanctuary: Get up close and personal with indigenous wildlife at a nearby wildlife sanctuary. From big cats to exotic birds, your children will be mesmerized by the diverse array of animals while learning about the importance of conservation.


  • Enjoy Family-Friendly Dining: Wrap up your day of adventure with a family meal at one of Pietermaritzburg's family-friendly eateries. Choose from a variety of cuisines and enjoy a relaxed dining experience together, reminiscing about the day's activities and planning your next adventure.


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